Training Boxing at Home

The global pandemic has shown that it is not always possible to hit the gym, but for many of us that won’t stop us from getting a good work out in.  Exercise of any description can be one of the best ways to shake off both physical and mental blues and there are few better …

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Boxing Equipment

The great thing about training boxing is that in its most stripped-down form, you don’t need any equipment.  Without gloves, bag, wraps or even a skipping rope, a martial artist can shadow box, working on foot work, flow of punches and practicing utilization of angles.  Shadowboxing is a great option when bags aren’t accessible to …

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Reasons to Train on a Punching Bag

Whack.  Whack.  Whack.  Kick.  I missed that feeling a lot during the lockdown months which followed the outbreak of COVID19 in 2020.  There is just something deeply satisfying about striking something rhythmically and continuously.  Something that can absorb the physical manifestation of your frustrations.  Those of you reading this who have tried it out will …

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Punching bag training
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