Success Stories

"Heavy Bag Pro is by far one of the best apps for training on the heavy bag. Especially with COVID and gyms closing during lockdown this app helped keep me on track with my training without needing to think about what combos etc to train. The ability to build your own workouts is great and the resource hub is so useful. Primarily I train Muay Thai and this app nails it with adding in things like Teeps, elbows and knees. Must have for anyone from just starting out to pro fighters."
James Ashworth
Muay Thai Fighter
"Great app from the beginner to the pro. Keeps me in shape even when the gyms are closed and you don't have to have a punching bag or sparring partner. 3 pounders in the hands and a shadow boxing works just fine 😉"
Gediminas Vysniauskas
MMA Fighter
"The app is great for a beginner like me. It has helped me out a lot with my form. Love the app."
Don "Gator" Fortney
"I'm quite new to boxing, but I was able to perform the free workout with no problems. Learned really a lot, especially liked the pullback combos. All in all I had a great one hour sweaty training and will upgrade to premium. Thank you for making the training easy and interesting."
Inc S
"Heavy Bag Pro is what was missing in my training routine. I'm now using it 2-3 times a week and it is everything needed to be able to train on my own on a punch bag!"
Joe Harris
"Never realized boxing is such an awesome and enjoyable cardio! Super effective core workout as well. You can do this workout anywhere. I travel often and just do shadow boxing then."
Sonia Faber
Fitness Enthusiast
"It's easy to use, looks and works great. It really is difficult to work on a punching bag alone without instructions, at least for me. Using Heavy bag Pro, I can focus on training, not thinking of what to do next."
Jose Cuello
"I train with Heavy Bag Pro and I highly recommend it for my students as well. Thank you for creating such amazing app"
Mikey L.
Muay Thai Instructor
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