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Learn the basics of boxing quickly and conveniently from home

Go from being a complete beginner to having all the knowledge you need to safely and effectively box on your own.
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Everything you need to know to start boxing from anywhere

Don’t have a trainer?

Can't make it to a gym?

Or simply don’t know where to start?

Online Boxing Academy is designed for you!

After completing the course you’ll be able to:

Box effectively and safely either by yourself or with a partner

Know how to improve your boxing technique and avoid the most common mistakes

Burn calories fast with easy to follow full-body boxing workouts

Have the knowledge and skills to enjoy dynamic and fun boxing workouts

Meet Your Instructor

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Hi, I’m Reimo Allik,

a professional fitness instructor who holds a Master’s degree in physical education as well as an Estonian national title in kickboxing.

I built this course with the team at Heavy Bag Pro, the easy-to-use app with 50+ boxing and kickboxing heavy bag workouts.

I’ve trained hundreds of students over the last 15 years in gyms, and now I’ve packed everything you need to learn how to box safely and confidently from home into 4 fun and easy lessons.

Come join me for a free lesson to see how you like the course!

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What You'll Learn

After completing the course, you will be able to have fun boxing safely and effectively either by yourself or with a partner, all while burning calories! This boxing training course uses our proven “SIT” teaching approach that you won’t find anywhere else. With SIT, you learn boxing in three easy steps:

See. Imitate. Train.


First, see and learn the theory. 


Then, imitate the movements and positions slowly.


Finally, a guided training puts everything into practice.

What’s in the course?

Lesson 1

The basics about equipment, stance, punches and how to structure your trainings.

Lesson 2

Punches in boxing stance, defensive steps and movement, and simple combinations.

Lesson 3

How to shadowbox, more complex combos and putting everything together.

Lesson 4

Mastering the punching bag, and how to work the bag for a diverse training

Each lesson is around 20 minutes and is packed with lots of useful information to get you up to speed with boxing.

At the end of each boxing lesson is a complete train-along workout with the skills and techniques just learnt.

What students say

“Other videos I’ve tried, the trainers overload their videos with machismo and aggressive ‘power-talk’ around hitting hard, etc. It becomes more about showing the viewer why they should pick this person over this person, but what I love about Boxing academy online is that it treats the material itself as the focus, which makes it effortless to understand and incorporate the course’s instructions into your own practice. The key is in the name really, you’re not wasting your time with a quick tips video on form, you’re joining an academy of formal instruction from a trained professional. It’s pushed my practice and form leaps and bounds ahead of where I was just trying to hit the bag ‘the right way’.”
Nick Croft, Australia

Boxing studentI have always been very excited to start in the world of boxing, but due to lack of time and facilities nearby, it has been difficult for me. I have a dummie at home, and the course videos, clear and easy to understand, and the magnificent app, have allowed me to perform quality workouts and routines, despite training at home. I will continue training with you 😉
Julio Cesar, Spain

Instructor welcomes to learn boxing

“If you’re ready to learn boxing, sign up for a free lesson to see how you like the course!”


Get access to all four lessons plus:

  • Easy to follow workouts complete with warmups and cooldowns
  • Cheat sheets for technique learning including posture, guard, feet positions and more
  • Printable notes and versions of the video-workout exercises so you can train anywhere, any time
  • 4 bonus printable workouts, warmups, cooldowns
  • Full walkthroughs of all the combinations and moves in comprehensive detail.
Special Discount Use code WELCOME for the limited-time introductory 31% discount ($67 instead of $97) and get full access to the complete Online Boxing Academy course.

Money Back Guarantee

Get the complete Boxing Academy course worry free with our money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the course, we’ll refund the full purchase price!

Frequently asked questions

No, this course is designed for absolute beginners. It will teach you everything you need to box alone and from anywhere. This course is also great for anyone who’s tried boxing before but wants to truly master the basics.
Any! You can start at any fitness level and set your own pace.
This beginners boxing course is flexible and can be used with a punching bag, at the gym, dumbbells, or even without any equipment at all!
We accept PayPal and credit cards. The credit card payments can easily and securely be made by Stripe.
Just send us an email withing 30 days after your purchase and we will refund the purchase. No questions asked.

Although the Heavy Bag Pro app is good for all levels of experience including novice boxers, we believed many of our users would benefit from a quick yet comprehensive course covering all the basics of boxing to train effectively and safely.

“The course was easy to follow along, packed with load of useful content. Boxing Academy has helped me to box correctly, which mans I am burning twice as much calories than before and the training is pure fun 🙂 ” Amanda Stanton

Get the complete Boxing Academy program for just $67. Use code WELCOME during checkout.

Not sure yet?

Sign up for the full half an hour training. You will:

  • Practice actively all the punches
  • Do a lot of boxer’s cardio and bodyweight exercises
  • Have fun and sweat a lot!
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