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We are the Heavy Bag Pro team – passionate about martial arts, just like you!


A while back, we wanted to be able to train harder and on our own. But as you probably know, training solo isn’t as easy as it seems. You warm up, put the gloves on, start hitting the bag… and soon run out of ideas. 


We knew there was something missing for athletes like us: an app that would be a personal trainer in your pocket. So you could train on a punching bag anytime you want without running out of new combos. 


So, we created Heavy Bag Pro. At first, it was just for us, but we’re now happy to share it with our fellow fighters! Just select your workout, start training and get in the zone. 


We have put our heart and soul into this project and can proudly say that we’ve created the best heavy bag training app out there. But we’re not done there, of course. We’re constantly adding new functionality and workouts to make the app even better.


We hope you’ll enjoy the Heavy Bag Pro training app as much as we do!


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How we created Heavy Bag Pro

Our team is from different martial arts backgrounds (boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA), so we wanted to make an app that is diversified and suitable for anyone training on a heavy bag. Besides putting all our knowledge into the workouts, we consulted dozens of martial arts instructors, who each suggested their favorite combinations and workouts. We’re very proud of what resulted:

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